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Innovative coding systems. With the different control units of the Markoprint product range, Weber Marking Systems GmbH (Germany) is the only manufacturer worldwide able to centrally control four printing technologies: Hewlett Packard printheads for small high resolution coding, Trident industrial printheads for large coding, Funai printheads for high resolution marking at very high speed, Xaar printheads for excellent print quality and high productivity.

Weber Markoprint X1JET X1JET Weber Markoprint IP-JET HP MK2
weber x1jet   weber ipjet mk2
Small, compact, independently operating print head for an easy integration in already existing production lines. Available in different system versions. Markoprint X1JET is designed for different range of applications i.E. food & beverage, chemical, coated / uncoated materials, timber and the pharmaceutical industry.
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  The IP-JET HP MK2 inkjet printer was specially developed for use in harsh environments with high exposure to dust and moisture. Unlike many other printers on the market, the print head has excellent protection and requires no cover or dismantling during washdown.
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Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold Markoprint iJET
weber x1jet handhold   weber ijet
Powerful handheld inkjet printer for use in multiple locations. Battery operated, the lightweight and compact printer will print high resolution text and images in multiple locations without being in a fixed position to the production line. The long-life battery has sufficient power for printing over and extended period of time.
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  The Markoprint iJET high-speed control system is small, compact and with many possibilities for interlinking. Special features: Unlike other coders, the entire control technology has now been incorporated in the print module for the first time. In this way, iJET creates novel highlights in terms of integration and flexibility.
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Markoprint X2JET Plus Touch Markoprint X4JET plus Touch
weber x2jet plus   weber x4jet plus
Compact control system for 4 printing technologies. The particularly compact and cost-effective Markoprint X2JET plus Touch system is ideal for the foodstuffs, chemical, building materials and pharmaceutical industries. The innovative system marks absorbent and semi-absorbent surfaces. Fast, accurately and reliably.
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  The intuitive input unit of the new high performance Markoprint X4JET plus Touch print controller is a boost to operator convenience. All system parameters can be entered easily and quickly, to be stored and called up later. Markprint X4JET plus Touch is an intelligent high-speed control system for demanding marking applications.
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Markoprint X4JET Markoprint XB4JET / XB8JET
weber x4jet   weber xbxjet
Markoprint X4JET offers high availability and printing results of the highest quality. Datamatrix, MHD and batch marking can, for instance, be applied to primary packaging and particularly large barcodes, company logos and certification marks may be applied to secondary packaging. And all this blindingly fast.
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  The compact and robust controllers XB4JET and XB8JET are used to control the inkjet printheads for product marking solutions. All four Markoprint printing technologies are supported. Printing on up to two production lines with the XB4JET and up to four production lines with the XB8JET.
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