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SAVEMA Marking and Codig Ltd.Sti has been founded in 2010 in order to make production of Thermal Transfer Overprinters based on business partners and customer satisfaction all over the world. Savema is the first and only Turkish company that manufactures thermal transfer overprinters. Electronic, mechanical, software and machine design has being carried out in the company. With an experienced technical team, Savema will continue to be a leader of the most efficient implementations and technological innovations in the marking and coding industry. Savema has been always given importance to Research and Development, made investments to this field and has the best experts in its team. Savema has been produced high performance, low cost thermal transfer printers and the units are suitable for all intermittent and continuous applications within the food, pharmaceutical cosmetics and automobile spare parts industries has the capability to code all kinds of 1D barcodes and 2D datamatrix codes.

Thermal transfer printers Savema SVM 32 Thermal transfer printers Savema SVM 53
savema svm 32c   savema svm 53
Print Area - "intermittent"
SVM 3240 I (32x40 mm)
SVM 3250 I (32х50 mm)
SVM 3270 I w/casette (32x70 mm)
Print Area - "continuous"
SVM 32 С (32x125)
SVM 32 С w/casette (32х125)
Print Speed
SVM 3240 I (300 mm/sec.)
SVM 3250 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 3270 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 32 С (600 mm/sec.)
SVM 32 С w/casette (600 mm/sec.)
  Print Area - "intermittent"
SVM 5340 I (53x40 mm)
SVM 5350 I (53х50 mm)
SVM 5370 I (53x70 mm)
SVM 53125 I (53x125 mm)
Print Area - "continuous"
SVM 53 С (53x125 mm)
Print Speed
SVM 5340 I (300 mm/sec.)
SVM 5350 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 53125 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 5370 I (450 mm/sec.)
SVM 53 С (800 mm/sec.)
Thermal transfer printers Savema SVM 107 Thermal transfer printers Savema Traverse TR
savema svm 107   savema traverse
Print Area - "intermittent"
SVM 10775 I (107x75 mm)
SVM 107125 I (107х125 mm)
Print Area - "continuous"
SVM 107 С (107x125 mm)
Print Speed
SVM 10775 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 107125 I (400 mm/sec.)
SVM 107 С (600 mm/sec.)
  Print Area
TR32 (32x400 mm)
TR53 (53х400 mm)
TR107 (107x400 mm)
Print Speed
TR32 (400 mm/sec.)
TR53 (400 mm/sec.)
TR107 (400 mm/sec.)
Savema Feeder Savema Conveyor Belt
savema feeder   savema conveyer
Feeder SVM 100-A (designed to work with conveyor belt that placed in front of for serving in different industries).
Maximum width of product: 300mm (W) x 250mm (L)
Minimum width of product: 40mm (W) x 50mm (L)
Min. – Max. Product Thickness: 0,08mm – 4mm
Belt Speed: 150mm/sec.
  Conveyor Belt SVM 100-B (designed to work with feeders that placed back of conveyor for serving in different industries).
Maximum width of product: 300mm (W) x 250mm (L)
Minimum width of product: 40mm (W) x 50mm (L)
Belt Speed: 200mm/sec.

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Forintek-Baltija SIA offers the state-of-the-art equipment for coding and marking of a wide variety of products. Our industrial inkjet coders, thermal transfer printers and label marking systems apply high-quality identifying marks such as best before dates, barcodes, logos, batch codes, etc., to almost any kind of material or surface.

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