Forintek-Baltija SIA specializes in the supply and service of high-tech equipment such as: continuous inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers, labelling systems and machines, hot foil printers, and others. This equipment is from the top world's manufacturers like Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (Japan), Novexx Solutions GmbH (Germany), Avery Dennison Corporation (USA-Germany), Allen Coding GmbH (UK), Weber Marking Systems GmbH (Germany), MACSA ID, S.A. (Spain), Eidos (Italy), COUTH (Spain), Epson (Japan), Tommy Nielsen (Denmark), Savema (Turkey), ARMOR (France).

Continuous inkjet printers Hitachi Continuous inkjet printers Weber
hitachi ux   weber x1jet
Continuous inkjet printers from HITACHI deliver state-of-the-art technology and advanced features to enable high-speed marking and coding operations. Besides, the Hitachi inkjet printer technology also allows non-contact printing flexibility to mark on rough, uneven, or varied surfaces from any direction.
  With the different control units of the innovative Markoprint product range, WEBER is the only manufacturer worldwide able to centrally control four printing technologies: Hewlett Packard, Trident, Funai, Xaar. Inkjet printers are a cost-effective solution to fast and contactless marking of products and packaging.
Laser marking systems Macsa Dot peen marking systems Couth
macsa icon   couth mc2000p
Laser marking systems from MACSA ID, S.A. are designed for non-contact marking of glass, plastic, rubber, cardboard, wood, labels, etc. They are used to apply large and complex text, data and graphics to products and thereby to enhance or complete the product by adding branding and other identifying information.
  COUTH offers a comprehensive portfolio of marking, scribing and engraving dot peen machines. The machines come in a range of standalone, integrable, portable, and combined-type variations to help fit with your requirements.
Thermal transfer printers Novexx Solutions Thermal transfer printers Allen
novexx solutions 64-0x   allen xl
Thermal transfer printers from Novexx Solutions GmbH are designed to print text, graphics, or bar codes on labels, paper, cardboard, synthetics, textile materials, and more. These printers are excellent in performance and quality. They deliver a quick, precise and effective solution to your labeling requirements.
  Thermal transfer printers from Allen Coding GmbH feature a variety of highly customizable features, durable design and real-time variable printing capabilities. Versatile enough for printing fixed and variable data, text and graphics. Ideal for reproducing bar codes, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, and more.
Thermal transfer printers Eidos Thermal transfer printers Savema
coditherm iroller   savema product
Coditherm printers are designed in the Eidos research and development workshops to implement the advantages of digital printing flexibility on industrial products. Coditherm printers implement clean and environment-friendly methods.
  The high performance, low cost thermal transfer printers by Savema are versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data and graphics. They're ideal for reproducing bar codes, real time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes etc.
Automated labelling systems Novexx Solutions Print and Apply systems Novexx Solutions
novexx solutions als 306   novexx solutions printapply
Automated Labelling Systems from Novexx Solutions GmbH can be configured to fit virtually any industrial labeling challenge. Whether for applying at high or low application speeds, using small or wide labels, or working in wet or dry environments, Novexx Solutions durable ALS series systems have the right solution.
  Whether it's high or low volumes, 24/7 production or top and side labelling, these Print & Apply systems from Novexx Solutions GmbH are developed to fulfil today's high standards for product coding and identification. They can be equipped with a large range of standard applicators.
Labelling applicators Novexx Solutions Labelling machines Novexx Solutions
novexx solutions applicators   novexx solutions machines
To ensure that Print & Apply and labelling systems are able to label all your identification demands, the company Novexx Solutions GmbH offers a versatile range of standard applicators. These plug & play modules make sure that your label is placed on your product where you want it to be.
  Labelling machines from Novexx Solutions GmbH are fully equipped with all the necessary hardware, such as centering (orienting) devices, conveyors, labellers, and software. These customizable labelling solutions ensure accurate positioning of self-adhesive labels on packaging of different shapes, sizes and materials.
Fabric label printers Avery Dennison Handheld label printers-scanners Pathfinder
avery dennison snap 500   pathfinder 6032
Fabric label printers from Avery Dennison Corporation are indispensable for the production and are designed specifically for printing on various textile materials. They're an excellent choice for cost-effective fabric label printing. Fast and reliable, these printers provide an affordable yet flexible solution for in-plant fabric label printing.
  Handheld label printers-scanners Pathfinder from Avery Dennison Corporation are an all-in-one universal devices with a scanner, printer and an applicator. They're are the fastest, most accurate price marking solution on the market, that allow retailers to quickly and accurately price and mark down items while reducing labor costs.
Color label printers Epson Blister packaging machines Tommy Nielsen
epson c7500g   tommy nielsen machine
The new color label printers Epson of ColorWorks series are an indispensable solution for those users who pay special attention to the quality and durability of prints. Manufacturers of products can economically solve the problem of printing high-quality color labels in the quantities they need.
  The Universal blister packaging machines from Tommy Nielsen are designed for the formation of blisters. They are renowned for their durability and engineering quality. Depending on the model of choice the Universal can handle packaging sizes up to 1.500mm. Suitable for production as well as test.
Hot foil coders Allen Consumables
allen super compact   consumables
Hot foil coders from Allen Coding GmbH have proven themselves at various industries in modes with high humidity and dust. They are designed to print on the package of paper, polyethylene, polypropylene and other flexible materials. These coders are often used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.
  Forintek-Baltija SIA offer a wide range of genuine consumables such as Avery Dennison and Armor thermal transfer ribbons, Hitachi inks and solvents, Fasson self-adhesive labels, and Avery Dennison textile ribbons. At our company only genuine consumables are offered.
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Forintek-Baltija SIA offers the state-of-the-art equipment for coding and marking of a wide variety of products. Our industrial inkjet coders, thermal transfer printers and label marking systems apply high-quality identifying marks such as best before dates, barcodes, logos, batch codes, etc., to almost any kind of material or surface.

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