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Novexx Solutions's Print & Apply solutions are reliable systems perfect for any print & apply requirement. Whether it's high or low volumes, 24/7 production or top and side labelling, the Print & Apply systems are developed to fulfil today's high standards for product coding and identification. The ALX-range of Print & Apply systems have the capability to apply labels on any product position that you require. It can be equipped with a large range of standard applicators.

To ensure that Novexx Solutions's Print & Apply and labelling system products are able to fulfil all your identification demands, Novexx Solutions offers a versatile range of standard labelling applicators (LA-BO, LA-TO, LA-SO). These plug & play modules make sure that your label is placed on your product where you want it to be.

Novexx Solutions ALX 924/5/6 Novexx Solutions ALX 734/5/6
Novexx Solutions ALX   Novexx Solutions ALX
The Print & Apply series of the ALX 92x family are real high-performers characterized by top results in terms of printing and dispensing speed, by top print quality and useful features. The construction of the printer makes maintenance and handling particularly easy, thus ensuring even greater efficiency.
  The Novexx Solutions high volume Print & Apply series, ALX 73x has a low total cost of ownership. With its high speed and easy-to-use features, it will seamlessly fit into your production environment. Plus, the ALX 73x is highly reliable and can help you reduce downtime in production.
Labelling applicator LA-BO Labelling applicator LA-TO
Novexx Solutions LA-BO system   Novexx Solutions LA-TO system
Novexx Solutions' LA-BO is the gentle blow-on applicator. No contact with product makes LABO useful for sensitive products like vegetables, bread, fruit. Designed for use with ALS 20x, ALS 256 and ALX 92x series.
  Novexx Solutions' LA-TO is economic touch on applicator. This applicator is perfect for applying small to large labels (up to 160*210 mm), using easy changeable label pads. Designed for use with ALS 20x, ALS 256 and ALX 92x series.
Labelling applicator LA-SO
Novexx Solutions system  
Novexx Solutions' LA-SO is economical and flexible swing-on applicator. This applicator is perfect for applying labels on moving products at different positions Designed for use with ALX 92x series.
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Forintek-Baltija SIA offers the state-of-the-art equipment for coding and marking of a wide variety of products. Our industrial inkjet coders, thermal transfer printers and label marking systems apply high-quality identifying marks such as best before dates, barcodes, logos, batch codes, etc., to almost any kind of material or surface.

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