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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2002, as a new company integrating functions for maintenance, service, engineering, marketing, research & development, design, and manufacturing, after being spun off from Hitachi, Ltd.

The company is engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including the motor business, which is in its 100th year since foundation, along with social/daily life infrastructure and other businesses involved in industrial electrical equipment, such as factory automation/control systems, wind/water systems, pneumatic systems, power distribution, environmental systems, and labor-saving systems. By integrating the company's complete engineering ability, utilizing its technological capabilities accumulated over a long period of time, and employing know-how based on its history and business results, the company provides high value-added products and system solutions that promptly reflect customer needs

Currently, the company is making efforts toward state-of-the-art research & development and commercialization in areas such as IT and telecommunications, and is incorporating technologies and expertise gained in this area into system businesses concerning monitoring and management/positioning information. The company also actively promotes business development in overseas markets, such as in China, other Asian countries, Europe, and the U.S.

The company's business concept is embodied in the phrase “Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, contributing to environmental protection and energy conservation". With environmental issues, such as global warming, becoming more and more urgent, the company has been researching energy efficiency and green energy to improve the global environment, and is developing related equipment and systems while refining technologies, by applying developed products to the company's own plants. The company aims to contribute to the improvement of current and future global, social, and security environments using its technological capabilities, and strives to become the foundation of society and industry, promoting continuous growth at the same time. These goals have been, and will be, the objectives of the company's business.


In its slogan character(Information or emotion, Creation, Technique, Life or Active, Dreams), and with its efforts toward a “broad outlook, high sensitivity, acute senses, and quick responses", the company will continue attempting to realize its dreams. As a group of professionals with “internationally competitive craftsmanship", the company ensures that all employees do their very best to improve product quality and constantly prioritize shop floor considerations from the viewpoint of the customer, and aims to be a company deserving of customer confidence.

Tintes bezkontakta strūklprinteris Hitachi UX Tintes bezkontakta strūklprinteris Hitachi RX2-S
hitachi ux   hitachi rx2-s
Industrial continuous inkjet printer Hitachi UX is currently the best printer on the market. The printer simultaneously convenient for the user and safe for the environment. Multiple line printing: 6-line printing is now available.
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  Industrial continuous inkjet printer Hitachi RX2-S is a further development of the proven series of Hitachi RX-S. It is an industrial high-speed, small character inkjet printer enabling to print 1-5 lines, depending on the version of the printer.
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Tintes bezkontakta strūklprinteris Hitachi (Twin Nozzle) Tintes un šķīdinātāji Hitachi
hitachi ux twinnozzle   Hitachi consumables
Hitachi twin nozzle printer can print up to 8 lines and is ideally suited to mark company logos or any other pattern previously unachievable with traditional print heads. Having two nozzles on tap dramatically increases the speed of multi-line printing.
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  Hitachi provides different ink types and color inks to meet your unique requirements for Hitachi industrial continuous inkjet printers.
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middle line
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