Termopārneses printeri Eidos Coditherm

Coditherm printers are designed in the Eidos research and development workshops to implement the advantages of digital printing flexibility on industrial products. By implementing clean and environment-friendly methods, Coditherm can be used to print small batches with variable data (dates, forward or backward number sequences, texts, lists of ingredients, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, logos) directly on plastic surfaces, porous materials, irregular substrates, rigid and round objects without interrupting the production process and guaranteeing object traceability.

Coditherm I-ROLLER Coditherm H-PAD
eidos coditherm iroller   eidos coditherm hpad
Coditherm I-ROLLER is recommended for applications requiring high temperatures and/or high frequencies. It fits a 102 mm diameter transfer roller which is heated by infrared emitters to make the roller tougher and longer lasting and to improve energy transfer.
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  Coditherm H-PAD is ideal for printing in recessed areas of structured plastic containers in which the printing area is only slightly smaller than the recess itself and where roller printers cannot be used as a consequence. This model has a high-power hot pad transfer device.
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With Coditherm you can print variable data without needing to store plates: real-time printing and the result is immediately dry and clean without needing particular drying processes.


Coditherm is ideal for marking variable data on small batches. A wide range of thermal ribbons are available in an array of colours for all applications. A complete set of alphabets, numbers and logos allows to create all data settings.


Coditherm may be supplied as printing head or pre-fitted on a desk support with sliding device and guards for semi-automatic operation. It is suitable for replacing hot or pad printing. No particular changes to the packaging machine are needed.


Thermal transfer technology guarantees high-definition printing which is resistant to frequent washing, scratching, rubbing and external elements, such as oil, petrol or alcohol.


With an integrated electronic unit and touchscreen, you can adjust printing parameters or edit data retrieved directly from the memory of the device, from a USB flash drive or a connected computer.


Coditherm can print on surfaces with very different compositions and features, such as plastic, smooth wood or leather, fabric or thick coats of paint on metal.

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