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This thermal transfer ribbon by Avery Dennison / Novexx Solutions comes in various forms including wax, wax/resin or resin, depending on your necessity. Its areas of application include storage, shipping, logistics, signs and logos, and direct food contact. It is also applicable for medical stuff such as cosmetics, heath, and pharmaceuticals. The longest available ribbon on the market is up to 1400 m long that will help you minimize production down-time. It is the best thermal transfer ribbon that is well suited to your budget.

The choice of ribbon is critically important. There are three main categories of thermal transfer ribbon suitable for different applications:

Wax ribbons: These are the most economical choice, designed for use with flat head printers. Compatible with many coated and uncoated paper substrates, they allow high quality picket fence barcodes and numeric data. Where exceptional durability is not needed, a wax ribbon ensures cost effective and reasonably scratch/smudgeresistant images.

Wax/resin ribbons: Wax/resin ribbons are compatible with many different paper and filmic substrates, giving excellent print resolution on picket fence and ladder barcodes and suiting both flat head and corner-edge print heads. With higher abrasion resistance than wax ribbons, these ribbons are ideal for creating more durable labels that resist scratching and smudging. Depending on substrate, they also give higher resistance to many aggressive chemicals.

Resin ribbons: Resin ribbons are the right choice where both high print quality and durability are required. These ribbons are compatible with filmic substrates, and designed for both flat head and corner-edge print heads. Resin ribbons give a premium quality image that will resist high temperatures and a variety of aggressive chemicals.

Avery Dennison / Novexx Solutions has specialised in labelling technology for more than 70 years, and thus provides you with the perfect ribbon adapted to all types of printers for the most demanding applications, whatever your needs and industry.

• Storage
• Shipping
• Sorting and distribution
• Product identification / price labelling
• Normal packaging ribbon and packaging ribbon for frozen goods
• Signs and logos
• Plus much more

Compatibility with all printer types

Avery Dennison / Novexx Solutions ribbons are compatible with all printers on the market, whatever the brand and model. Free thermal transfer ribbon samples are available.

High quality ribbons

Avery Dennison / Novexx Solutions thermal transfer ribbons are manufactured by our partners in accordance with required standards and guarantee the best print quality. The anti-static and silicone coating at the back of the ribbon will ensure not only the best print results, but also a longer lifespan for your print heads.

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